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What You Need To Know Before Applying For A Passport

A passport gives you the authority to travel. You cannot travel to other countries if you don’t have a passport. The process involved in obtaining a passport is a straightforward one. Read on to know what you need when applying for a passport.

You need to know that a passport is important whether you are an infant or an adult. It is important as long as you want to go by air out of the country. For kids who are under 16 they must get consent from the parents. They need to apply for the passport in person together with the parents. The application also needs to be co-signed. You need to ensure that every member of your family has a passport if you are planning to travel. A passport takes four to six weeks to be processed. You need to apply for the passport two months in advance before your travel day. However, you can pay a fee and have the application process speed up. This way you can have it ready in two or three weeks. If you have an emergency, you can have the passport sooner.

You must have the necessary application documents. You have to fill a State department form known as the DS-11. You can download it online and take it to the passport agency in person. You need to produce documents that proof you are a citizen. It can be certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship o certificate of birth. A photo ID is also important. It can be driver’s license, military ID, previously issued passport or a certificate of naturalization.

Bring along a photocopy of both the back and front of your ID. Also, you will need a passport photo and fees. However, if you don’t have any primary form of identification, you can use secondary documents such as letter of no record, delayed birth certificate, early public or private document or form DS-10 birth affidavit. If you have dual citizenship, you will need to have passports of both countries. There are particular thing that may make you not obtain a passport. This may be arrest warrants, outstanding child support payment, federal loan and debts, arrest warrants and drug convictions.

Obtaining a passport may seem like a tiring process. However, it is simple as long as you have met all the requirements. It is advisable to have a checklist of everything that is needed in advance to make the application process easier. It is wise to consider having travel insurance to protect you and your travel plans. A passport is useful for ten years. Passport for a child is valid for five years. In most countries, validity of six months after the return date to your country. Check for the expiry date to know when to renew your passport. Passport renewal takes four to six weeks.

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